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How many times can you fall in love with the same person? Because every time I look into her eyes It feels like love at first sight all over again. My legs turn to jello my hands become damp with sweat and I’m just hoping my pants aren’t wet. Its just the feeling, you know what i mean? It’s…It’s like the first day of school and you finally get to open that new expansion pack of markers and you know before you even begin coloring that the possibilities are endless and you just want to run out the school doors and color the world. I want to color you! Paint you with the colors of my love, give you bright yellow sunshine when you feel blue. And encompass you in purple because you are my queen. And show you the green of envy because every other man on the planet wishes he could be me just so he could be with you. I want to kiss you with pink to make your cheeks blush because you think I’m sweeter than the brown chocolate kisses that you love. I want to take your dreams across the deep blue oceans, I want to explore the grey areas of your heart and the broken parts you don’t want to share with anyone. I want to protect you like ninja’s in the black of night. I want to make you understand that my feelings for you are as endless as the rainbow I want to paint you with….

All of this rushes through my mind and she hasn’t even said a single word to me yet. We’ve been together for over a year now and i swear i still get the same feeling when i look into her eyes as I did the very first time. 

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